Autodesk PBA Certificate 2017 – Missing sat file

This post is for all of you who are currently doing the Autodesk PBA 2017 course. You’ll probably notice that you can’t download the sat file at the Wind & Airflow strategies – Software exercise: Wind analysis for tall buildings. I had the same problem and wrote an email to the support. After a couple of hours i recieved an answer and the attached file. To save you the hassle im uploading the file here on my site so you dont have to wait and can continue with your course.

I dont own this file, it is all with credits to Autodesk – I do know the 2017 course is in an beta stage and they are working on improving the course – This is only to help the community.

You will need Autodesk Flow Design to complete this unit and with this file you will be able to answer correct on all the questions in the following quiz. I wish you good luck and I will appreciate if you would leave a comment below and share this link if this helped you in anyway or have any questions.


Click to download: Tall_Buildings-Site



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